Erica Cambell formerly of Mary Mary

Erica Campbell of the sister group “Mary Mary” released her first solo project “A little more Jesus” this year and fans are having mixed feelings about it. Some people love it, whole others hate it, and a few are trying to get used to the sound which differs entirely from what we are used to hearing from Mary Mary.

The single has more of a old school sound, kind of quartetish. Maybe Erica is trying to separate herself from the Mary Mary brand and create her own self identified sound. We watched their show on Wetv, which gave us an inside look into the lives of the sisters and their families.

It was quite shocking to see how much they got into it, but what sisters don’t? I know that me and my 4 sisters are all ways at each other’s throats and I’m the oldest. But what shocked the world and fans was the talk of the separation. Being that they were such a dynamic duo, and have such a large fan base, and have accomplished so much in Gospel, everyone thought that they would be together forever.

But I guess it’s as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”. But what’s next for Mary Mary? Will Erica and Tina get back together or do both ladies intend on keeping their solo status? I for one support it, given that they have been singing together so long, I think it’s a great idea to get out there and find their own separate identities musically. Erica will be releasing new music soon, as for Tina….I guess we will have to wait and see!

Below is a video of Erica’s new single “A little more Jesus” & a video of Erica talking about going solo, and how Tina is holding up after finding out about her husband Teddy Campbell’s infidelity.


Intro to Swag and Music Etc.


Swag and Music Etc’s first video posting. Welcoming viewers and introducing, Ny R. the author, and owner of Swag and Music Etc.

It’s A Boy & He’s Here!!

Congratulations! Tamar and Vince on bringing your first baby into the world! During their first show, the couple was having a hard time conceiving, but thanks God this beautiful couple get to experience the splendor of being parents. So congrats, good luck and enjoy parenthood!
Check out Tamar’s hit song “Love and War” below!

Stevie J….Love Him or HATE him?

We are all too familiar with the sly, and manipulative Mr. Stevie J, of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Steven Jordan originally from Buff Town (Buffalo) is a super producer/singer/songwriter, who has worked with some of the game’s elite. Feminists would tar and feather and burn this dude at the stake for his player ways, but some women are attracted to the pimp of a producer and manager. So I’m going to give the world my opinion of Stevie J.

I think he’s a little cute in a Ratatouille kind of way. I think he is a little jack assish, and corny at times, BUT given that he is basically a pimp, who uses the allure of sex and music to get either blind, crazy or stupid girls onto his “Bus”, I’m actually enticed by him too. I know what you guys are thinking…”Didn’t she just say all these bad things about this guy?” Yes! I did, but there isn’t a female out there that isn’t attracted to the player, bad boy type.

Now there were rumors of a picture floating around the net of Stevie’s male part. Well I found the rumored picture, and let’s just say if it is in fact “His” wiener….I see why the ladies are rabbid squirrels after his nuts!

So you tell me…Do you love Stevie J, or do you want to punch him in the face? OR do you want to punch him in the face and jump on his bus at the same time? Let me know!

I tried finding a video of Stevie without big foot (Joseline) but I couldn’t so here is one of them together.

The HTC One

The HTC One Review

So I have been a die hard fan of Samsung since the Samsung Instinct. I’ve had the Moment, Galaxy, Galaxy II and III. I was super excited about the Galaxy 4 coming out, until I heard about the HTC One. Now I have never been a fan of HTC phones BUT I must say that I am VERY impressed with the HTC One!

It’s light weight, super sleek, all metal, great screen resolution, and the best flipping cameras I have ever had! That’s back and front facing! I absolutely love it. The Beats Audio speakers are ridiculous, the sound quality is awesome, AND with the speakers being in the front it makes it even better.

HTC definitely stepped their game up on this one, they are given Samsung a run for their money, and at $200 on a new contract you can’t beat it.

So check it out!

Macklemore- Hotter than Eminem or NOT?

Macklemore  aka Ben Haggerty, has burst onto the Rap scene with some of the dopest lyrics out there. His music video “Thrift Shop” has over 300 million YouTube hits and hit #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Macklemore was the “Unsigned Hype” 2012 in The Source Magazine, and also made the front cover of XXL Magazine in 2012 as a part of the Freshman Class.

Despite him being a great successful, many are already comparing him to Eminem. Asking questions like “Is he a better rapper than Eminem?” Are his songs hotter than Eminem’s song?” The real question is….WHO CARES? The dude is hot, his songs are hot and topping the charts, and he is definitely making his mark on the rap game. With 2 hot singles out “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” on top of being a cutie, he will have no shortage in fans!

Check out his “Thrift Shop” video below and you decide, is he hotter than Eminem?

The Lucious……Tank

Tank (Durrell Babbs) by far is the most under-rated R&B artist in the game. He came out strong with his top ten single “Maybe I Deserve” off his debut album “Force Of Nature”. He released “Sex, Love, and Pain” in 2007, which included the single “Please Don’t Go” and formed the group TGT later in the year with fellow R&B artists, Tyrese and Ginuwine.

In 2010 Tank came back with a vengeance, releasing “Now or Never”. The entire album what on point both lyrically and vocally, featuring artists such as Chris Brown, Drake, and Letoya Luckett. In 2012 he released another banger album “This Is How I Feel”. A hardcore R&B album which hit #1 on the US R&B charts.

This sultry, sexy, hunk of chocolate is wanted by women all over the world. As for me….I think he is a very talented artist, writer, and musician. I respect his craft, and I also think that he is the most delicious man I have ever seen LOL!

However, big ups to Tank for showing these new cats what R&B is all about, and letting people see that there is still REAL talent out there!

Tank will be in my city this coming July! Check out his video “I Can’t Make You Love Me” Below!